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We are your digital full truck load (FTL) road freight transport operator

Transport capacity

As a digital transport operator, we offer shippers and freight forwarders direct access to our fleet of more than 700 connected trucks.

With our technology platform applied to the road freight transport process, we take the transport process to a higher level of efficiency and transparency than ever before in the industry.


Through our artificial intelligence-based technology platform and with all our shippers connected, we enable our shippers to save on transport by contracting with the actual transporter. In turn, we enable our transporters to improve their profits through direct contracting without subcontracting chains in the process.


Moreover, as all our trucks are geolocated, we always assign our transporters the optimal loads at any given time, thus reducing empty kilometres, fuel consumption and at the same time reducing CO2 emissions.


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Manage your regular full-truckload freight at the best price on the market, thanks to access to a large fleet of hundreds of trucks connected to our platform.


Join the largest digital community of carriers, and improve your workflow, reduce empty miles, and increase your revenue.

Main benefits

The use of technology applied to road freight transport improves workflows for all actors in the chain and eliminates unnecessary costs.

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As a digital transport operator, the platform contracts directly with the shippers and with the self-employed transporters and small transport companies, which creates enormous transparency in the process. As there are no subcontracting chains, we offer the best economic conditions for both parties.

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Our technological development allows us to offer a technological integration with first level shippers, digitising the contracting and management process of our clients’ transport operations. We offer our customers all our available transport capacity in just a few minutes.

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Our traffic managers are available every day of the week to offer our customers a customised transport solution.

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Ready for all the benefits of the digitisation of road full truckload transport?

Our technology

OkCargo the digital FTL full truckload freight forwarder that improves the efficiency of freight transport through the latest technologies.

Efficient allocation

Thanks to our allocation algorithms and the fact that all our vehicles are geolocated and we know the availability of driving hours, we can offer our customers the optimal carrier for each load.

Digital documentation

All transport documentation in digital format and available online for checking and/or downloading at any time.

Real-time tracking

With our control tower available to customers and consignees, all users have direct access to information on current and completed shipments.

Instant quotation

Save time and get the best quotes for your usual full load routes.


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